Our Dance Classes…

When you enter a class with Soul Thru Sole, you are entering a space held for release, empowerment and freedom. It is our duty to make sure that you leave positively different than when you came. 

Below you will fine the titles and intentions of each class we offer at Soul Thru Sole.

We believe that dance is the most liberating art form and can truly be an aid in your personal journey to self love. we can assure that you will feel amazing class after class, you owe it to your self to join.  

We look forward to dancing with you all soon!



Our "Elan" classes are our fitness based classes.

A fun and sweat dripping Twerk-out. A challenging Sassy Hip Hop class or an invigorating African Dance class.

This is a class where fitness, dance, and Confidence come together to give your energy a boost and your spirit reassurance that you are at your best when you dance.

Come put your SOUL THRU SOLE with our Elan Dance Class.



Our "Allure" class is our sensual and femininity themed class.

It pays homage to our former brand name and keeps that energy alive for you one day a month with red lights, stilettos and some of our favorite tantalizing songs to tease and seduce too. 

This is not a normal heels class with us, this is a class for students looking to learn or practice the subtle art of sensual dance and tease. Dance styles offered are Floor Movement, Chair Tease and Lap Dance

Don't think too hard, join us for Allure.

Our "Contrive" classes are our creative and liberating classes.

Once a month or more depending on demand you will have a chance to take charge of your own choreography with Creative Movement.

This class will be similar to street jazz with a contemporary flair that you add all your own. You will experience dance in a new way, a fun and very creative opportunity awaits in this class, learning your body in new ways, testing muscle memory and your flexibility. Think back to your childhood dance class warm ups? So much fun!

This class will also provide a space for you to break free from the world outside, truly allowing you to put your soul into your sole and take full advantage of what it means to dance like nobody's watching.

To be creative is to be free, join us in this class and let it move you!